Real Women, Real Athletes

We love this powerful new workout shoot from Tara Moore.  See more of the shoot here.

We asked Tara to tell us a bit about her inspiration for the shoot and how it came together:

I felt the need to do a story about the enjoyment of sport –  that wasn’t about professional athletes, and also not about your typical model, so casting was key. Shooting real people in an inspirational way was particularly pertinent.

I cast my models, looking for realistic figures and characterful faces, using casting call pro, street casting and asking friends of friends. Most of them hadn’t done a photo shoot before, which actually helped with getting spontaneous shots that weren’t too posed.  I still wanted to portray key concepts, like strength, determination and focus, so sourcing a great location was also important. I ended up shooting at a body building gym, the Olympic park and professional tennis courts. There were all sorts of challenges, like getting everyone from one location to the next in time, using the gym equipment correctly, and of course, dealing with varying weather conditions! One of our models was deaf, so communicating with her was an exciting experience, especially when it came to communicating what specific emotions I wanted from her. She was great!