Floral Kaleidoscope

Getty Images creative photographer, Silvia Otte, on her Floral Kaleidoscope images:

“These images are part of a large body of work called Organica

Perception and interpretation of one’s reality differs immensely from one human to another. In the 1920s Hermann Rorschach developed the famous and yet controversial Rorschach or inkblot test which was designed as a personality test. The assumption was and is that inferences about a person’s subconscious can be made by analyzing a person’s responses to ambiguous stimuli, e.g. irregular and symmetric mirrored inkblots.

I employed this technique of folding and mirroring images of organic matter, making use of the pleasing properties that the resulting symmetry has to offer. The viewer is invited to dream up and discover non-existing and equivocal “Organica”, in the absence of being forced to agree to a universally valid reality.”

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