Fall Harvesting

See more of Thomas Barwick’s Fall Organic Harvest here

Getty Images Senior Art Director, Amy Lehfeldt, works closely with Thomas Barwick on his shoots for Getty.   She asked Thomas to talk about his special connection to the farm and the people who work there.

“There is simply a feeling that you have as soon as you step on the farm, you know it’s a extraordinary place, it’s beautiful, it’s peaceful, it’s constantly changing, growing (well, it is a farm), but it isn’t just the space.  The people who are there are caretakers, of the land, of the food they grow, of the tradition of farming, and of the people buying their product.  The quality matters, they are providing one of our most basic needs and they understand the difference that their care makes.  You get the sense after spending time there that you too could learn to farm and be happy, it would be incredibly difficult and extremely satisfying.  It’s why people come to apprentice, you become a caretaker, a caregiver, a provider, a historian, a steward.