Five photography podcasts you need to listen to.

Historically photography has been one of those industries where shooters kept their work secret, no one wanted to tell you how they lit that shot, or what they did in post to get that look and feel. However thanks to the internet, the rise of collaboration and our obsession with what goes on behind the scenes, the tide has changed and individuals are now more excited about sharing their creative process, and podcasts are the perfect place to do this.

Podcasts are your best friend. They get you through a horrible commute, give you focus when you begin to procrastinate, and inspire you through introductions to new ideas, individuals and ways of thinking. The only problem is navigating the abundance of podcasts out there. To make your life easier, we have curated our top photography podcasts to inspire and excite you. Happy listening.

A Small Voice

A fortnightly podcast, featuring in-depth interviews with a diverse range of world-class photographers. From the established, internationally exhibited stars to young and emerging talents, they discuss their lives, work and process. Hosted by British photographer Ben Smith. One thing we particularly love about A Small Voice is that is has a diverse range of guests, including an impressive line-up of some of the most exciting female photographers working today.  Some of our favourite episodes are Juno Calypso, Maya Daniels, Kate Peters, Laura Pannack, Simon Roberts and Kalpesh Lathigra.

Tinker Podcast

This pod is a collaboration between photographer Tyler Wheatley and Tinker Street Photo agency. They focus on the creative process, motivation, triumphs and challenges that face photographers on a daily basis. They have a great line-up of (mostly) American photographers and commissioners, including the Instagram legend Paul Octovius and Editor in Chief of The Great Discontent Tina Essmaker.

Magic Hour

The Magic Hour podcast launched in 2016 with an incredible line-up of guests, most notably the legendary Magnum photographer Alex Soth and rising star Gregory Halpern. Hosted by Jordan Weitzman, this personal interview series dissects their guests unique approach to image making.

The Halftone

Eric Math visits the homes or studios of leading figures in the photographic industry including publishers, curators and photographers. The interviews focus on the personal history of the individuals, how they fell in love with photography, broke into the industry and reached where they are today.

Artist Decoded

Photographer Yoshino started Artist Decoded as a means of exploration of the creative self. He engages in deeply personal long-form interviews which aim to break down the barriers around discussing creative work and ourselves. He covers a range of subjects from building a creative community, understanding failure and self-development. Yoshino speaks to a variety of creatives across the industry including filmmakers, photographers, make-up artists, and musicians. Some of our favourite episodes speak to Tyler Chadwick, Isamaya Ffrench and Paul Jung.

Image by Tara Moore