Campbell Addy is Changing Everything

Photographer, journalist, agency-founder and incredibly nice guy: Campbell Addy is a prolific force. We hear from the incredible talent in lieu of his recent collaboration between Getty Images and his agency Nii. See the images from the collaboration here.

You’re always creating, are you an early bird or late riser? 

I’m a late riser for sure, and a very late worker. When I’m on point and fully functional though early mornings are great!

Where are you currently drawing inspiration from?

I am currently looking into other cultures at the moment, especially Japanese and South Korean, mainly through documentaries and film. A lot of my inspiration is derived from documentary and moving images as I find it hard to retain information via reading and writing.

What are you listening to? 

Currently listening to Sampha’s new album, BLACKPINK (a Korean K-Pop band) and all time favourite Amy Winehouse.

You’re a huge collaborator, what is it about collaboration that works for you? 

I am a people person, I love people. I like to watch how they work, decipher their ticks and mannerisms – it inspires a lot of the movement I try to portray in my work. What makes collaborations so great for me is the interchanging of skills and knowledge. I love to learn and had a stupid fear since leaving University last summer that learning would come to a stand still. However it’s not the case. Every collaboration is an opportunity to push myself and my work further.

What encouraged you to collaborate with Getty Images? 

I was very excited when Getty approached me, as it gave a sense of validation to my work. Getty is known worldwide for being a hub of tremendous photographic projects and imagery. At first I was apprehensive as I’ve never worked on anything like this before but it was very clear from the get-go they were keen for me to ‘do you’: creating a project that suited me and Nii. This was very important as they allowed me creative control on the work being produced and for a young creative in London sometimes that’s the icing on the cake when collaborating with others. It’s great for such a conglomerate in the creative industry to be picking up young creatives such as myself and truly collaborating, I believe it’s setting president for other institutions to follow suit.

Who would your dream collaboration be with? 

My dream collaboration would have to be with Arena Homme + even though they’re a publication. There’s a very specific travel series/documentation I’ve been thinking about that I’d love to collaborate with them on.

What’s your favourite campaign of all time? 

Oliverio Toscani for United Colours of Benetton – almost all of them but if I had to chose one it’d be The Three Hearts – that are labeled Black, White, Yellow. It’s a very powerful image.

What frustrates you about the industry?

The pace of it. The instant gratification people need. People don’t have faith anymore I think. I’d love to be able to do a project and be given more than a couple of weeks to work on it. I remember reading about Grace Coddington and Norman Parkinson having 3 weeks to travel and create. I believe that’s when you can truly create and iconic image.

How do you stay motivated? 

It varies, I always try to stay positive. I look back at where I was a year a go and simply pat myself on the back. I like to watch interviews/documentaries of creative mavericks and try and take their words as inspiration to keep working!

What app can you not live without? 

iCal – organises my life.

What would you say to people coming up through art school? 

Never forget what you’ve learned, apply it to everything even if it isn’t a perfect fit. That’s when some crazy, great work can be created.

Why film? 

Film for a number of reasons. Medium format especially is how I see the world in all it’s glory. From the crop to the colour grading, it’s almost romantic to me. Also film slows me down. It really makes me concentrate as there’s a limited number of shots, so I want each shot to be different than the last.

Do you find social media a benefit or a hindrance? 

It’s bittersweet. Social media has launched many careers had has given people a real self confidence in being an independent artist, because you can be known world wide by simply posting things online. However, the downside it that people often confuse great artistry with followers and likes.

What are you going to have for tea? 

I’ve literally just started my path onto veganism. I’m trying to be healthier in life so taking each step as they come.