Aaron Tilley on how to go viral

Aaron Tilley is a master of distilling complex ideas into their purest and most accessible form. He’s gone viral, been ripped off and shot for some of the most exciting magazines on the planet. We caught up with him about his work and the secret to going viral.

Describe your work in three words?

Conceptual, Sophisticated and Playful.

Your series ‘In Anxious Anticipation’ for Kinfolk went viral in 2016. Tell us about it

I am really proud of the series. I shot it in collaboration with the fantastic set designer Kyle Bean. It was a simple idea that Kyle and I came up with, the notion of an event about to happen, a moment that might get your heart racing. I think aesthetically and conceptually the idea worked really well.

How did it feel to see the project be embraced on such an epic global scale?

It was really fantastic to see that the project have such a positive response worldwide. The interest in the series kept snowballing for a couple of weeks. I felt really pleased and honoured that people could connect to the images. It didn’t seem to matter where they were from or who they where, something in the series struck a cord with them. 

Do you know the secret to going viral?

I wish I had worked out the secret to going viral!

Although, I do think a part of it is making the images and ideas relatable, so the audience feels connected in someway, or makes them see something within themselves. 

Before you go, what has been your most embarrassing or awkward moment on set?

I have erased these from my memory.


All images courtesy of Aaron Tilley.